The Market Report

June 3, 2020


It was a great sale this week, over 2000 cattle shipped to several Western States. The Market was great.  We surely appreciated all the buyer participation, but it’s our customers that made the sale. Of course, using the right bulls and having a good vaccination program helps as well as using EID tags and participating in program cattle. This year it takes everything you can do to make the market. It is especially exciting when you consider all that is going on in this country. We’re excited about next week so if you have questions don’t hesitate to call

**The 425# – 500# steers brought from $150 to $160. Great work on them. The heifer mates brought from $130 to $141

**The 500# – 600# steers brought from $136- $150 the heifer mates $118 to $123

**We sold a lot of 600 – 700# steers $136 – $143 the heifers $115 – $121

**Cows were a little lower this week with the best cows around $70. The bright spot were the bulls and we had a few good ones and they brought over $90.

There has been a lot of little changes that have to be made when you change your sale date that we never anticipated. However, it’s going to be an exciting change. It allows some buyers to come that never came in the past because Turlock started a Tuesday feeder sale that coincided with our sale every Tuesday. So, by moving our sale there is no conflict and we’re excited to make the change. There is another issue that most might not think of by getting done on Monday night at 6:00 pm a lot of cattle were loaded out before midnight. The remaining left Tuesday morning with only two truck to load after lunch. The Monday cattle sale means it’s easier to acquire trucks and load the cattle out which is an animal health issue as well. Sales later in the week, fight for trucks like we’ve had to do in the past. It was another positive effect of the Monday Cattle Sale

Each year we talk about the weather. It was 78 degrees here on Monday and the cattle coming into the ring looked awesome. Now when it’s over 100 degrees it’s just not the same. Cattle shrink in the heat and it’s hard to keep the health good on those cattle when they reach their destination. We’re lucky to have this place in this location. We have enough pens to presort the cattle and put them away on feed and water. They come straight to the ring from those pens. It’s a great way to handle cattle.

Last night one of the trucks top deck broke in the nose of the truck. Ty got the cattle out and took the truck to our shop and had a friend come and weld things back together. It was quite a process, but they finished about 3:00 AM loaded the truck and sent him on his way. I was just thinking, that’s the way we do things here, it’s service first whether you’re coming to our sale or hauling cattle away we try to make it easy.


There were two issues that came up this week. First, the 2V Cattle Program was designed to ensure the buyers the cattle were vaccinated as we said. Some buyers are putting these cattle on different orders, so they don’t revaccinate those cattle on arrival. That has been the protocol for most feed lots because they don’t feel they can trust the words “they have had all their shots”. When we started the 2-V program it held value in two places.  First, it paid money back to the producer for doing it and second, it was an animal health issue for cattle that get put on a truck for transport to another destination. Well this year for the first time we have buyers keeping double vaccinated cattle separated by order so when they get to the feedlot, they don’t waste the time and medicine. Another issue is there is evidence to show that a third shot can make the cattle sick so we’re on top of that issue the buyers and our effort seems to be working.

The other issue is the paperwork on the 2-V program cattle. We are doing this as a complete service at no extra charge. It’s a lot of paperwork and adjustments to both buyer and seller. We must have all your paperwork in our office 2 weeks before the date you plan on selling your cattle to qualify for the program. If you send everything with the cattle two days before the sale that won’t work, and you will not be able to participate in the 2V Program.  We don’t believe it’s an unreasonable request.  Please get that paperwork to the office!


Thank you to all our customers again, you made a great sale possible.


Jim Warren




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