Market Report


November 17, 2020



The information on vaccinations in last week’s Market Report prompted several good questions that I’ll try to address. The best place to start I think is when you give inoculation vaccinations, they don’t take away your natural or organic status. However, if you feed antibiotics or hormones or inject them, that will take away your natural or organic status.


Another subject asked was regarding the health of cattle at home verses that after they are shipped. Why is it that cattle are healthy at home but often when shipped become sick? That question can be best answered by the problems we encountered when we first started in this business 45 years ago. We never knew of the problems coast cattle had until we started bringing in new buyers from the West and Mid-West. Where ever we shipped these calves and yearlings they got sick and died. Every week we were making adjustments on the cattle we sold because the buyers wanted to be reimbursed for their losses and those that sold them here made a good case, they weren’t sick when they sent them. It was a nightmare for us we couldn’t win. The producer blamed us and the buyer did also. Well the cattle had no immunity because they were raised on the coast where there are no bugs on the breeze.  Cattle living off the ocean where the air is clean are not like inland cattle where bugs travel in the air and water allowing these cattle to develop some natural immunity from their environment. Now that is the reason, we started the very first vaccination program at a Livestock Market here in the West. You see even the natural immunity wasn’t the real answer to cattle health. If we were going to be selling cattle that didn’t get sick, they were going to need the vaccinations for the four upper respiratory diseases and the 8-way vaccinations that prevented death from Black Leg, over eating toxemia, and six other common diseases in cattle. The reputation coast cattle had for getting sick was getting neutralized by our vaccination program. Best explained by Deb Nicoles when he said coast cattle that ship inland to sell get $10.00/cwt deducts but you are adding value to the coast cattle you sell. Well it was all in the vaccination program. And we were getting repeat buyers something we never had in the beginning here. Today it’s repeat buyer year after year.


So, the next question that was asked was, “If I sell all my cattle here at home and they stay locale why vaccinate?” That question is best answered by a grass fat seller here on the coast that never used the Livestock Market but when he couldn’t sell all the cattle he produced and brought them here to sell, the prices were a lot less than the vaccinated cattle and they got sick, so any price was too much for them. It costs about $12.00/head to vaccinate. Cheap insurance and a huge benefit to the producer. Sick cattle demand a lot of antibiotics in the effort to help them recover from the diseases these treated cattle never perform very well in the feed lots plus the fact we’re using a lot of antibiotics that shouldn’t have to be used.


I hope these answers help. It’s why we’ve been the leader and advocate of vaccination programs. Buyers in our market and most markets in the state are demanding double vaccinations on the cattle they buy. Because of the speed of technology, buyers can trace the cattle they buy and how they are doing in the feed lots. They have been telling us which cattle do the best and they want those cattle next year. They also tell us which ones they don’t want. A few years ago, we kept track of some of the cattle we sold and followed them through the feed lots. We took that information back to the ranchers in an effort to help get them up to speed on minerals and vaccinations. Next year vaccinations and minerals are going to be an even larger economic issue as the buyers become more selective in the cattle they buy. One of the most exciting things about vaccinations is there is a new buyer on the market at our place next year. This year we sent him several loads of cattle and the premiums were nearly $20/cwt over conventional cattle. Next year that buyer is paying a premium of between $10/cwt and $20/cwt for program cattle if they are double vaccinated and have received minerals. Weaned cattle will get an additional $10.00/cwt on top of that. Feeders are becoming more aware of what it cost to vaccinate sick cattle and the negative impact from the consumer on purchasing cattle laced with antibiotics.


Vaccinations and minerals are a critical issue when it comes to adding real value to the cattle you produce and sell in 2021.



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Jim Warren





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