The Market Report

November 15,2021


Grass and the increase in fat cattle prices has fueled the calf market. The top light calves 400#’s brought $180 and the heifers $140. The big fat cows have been in good demand from local customers that continue to need cows.  The top fat cows brought $70/100 this week again and the feeder cows got up to around $80 if they were young. It’s working out pretty well to have the sales 1st and 3rd Mondays. Producers are holding their cattle for those weeks and it has surely helped the prices also.  It’s been a win-win for everyone, and it gives us a chance to use our facility a lot more efficiently.

I’m hoping most people now can understand the need to change the completion of both houses in the next midterm election. We have a bunch of politicians in the White House trying to run a business and they don’t have a clue. If we can some way hold down the spending until the election, then we have a chance. However, a few Republicans voted for the spending package – that was hard to figure out, but it happened.

We can look at one issue and that’s gas and oil. Today the entire economy revolves around gas and oil you don’t stop production of our life blood just so you can say we’re going green. I’m sure everyone wants to go green but it’s just not here yet. The trucks run on diesel, and this administration’s energy policy has caused transportation costs to skyrocket. I don’t think we can sell cattle to put in trucks to go very far next year because the cost of shipping is going straight up. It’s not only the fuel cost, but the demand for drivers because of the shortages in trucks in other businesses pay a lot more than cattle trucks so we lose drivers every day. The Monday sale will be critical next year and getting trucks early in the week might be our only chance to ship cattle because there will be a lot less cattle haulers from here on.

Now stop and think about goods and services, they all involve transportation. The spike in fuel prices will mean everything is going to cost more. It will fuel inflation. Inflation is the enemy of all the people. If your retired on fixed income or running a business inflation is no good and we have the dumbest people running this country. They want to increase spending so they can have more gas to throw on a runaway fire. Here in this state we all know the devastation of fire and this inflation is going to be just like the fire’s devastation.

If you really looked the candidates over closely you could see it all coming but if you never paid that much attention, then you can see it right before your eyes today. We don’t need someone to tell us this policy is going to raise the price of gas; we see it every day as it cost more to fill up. You don’t need anyone to tell you they have a failed foreign policy. We can see it every week on the news. Now we’re about to see a raise in taxes, and we won’t need anyone to tell us what’s going to happen. You can see it when you pay them and then see all the new taxes they place on us.

Finally, we are getting to the bottom of the phantom Russian probe. It won’t look good for a lot of lying people, and I hope they all get prosecuted. They make Watergate look like a fight on the school playground, and this Russian probe a prize fight for the world championship.

Well there is a lot more, but there is so much wrong there’s not going to be a good place to stop. I hope everyone has a great couple of weeks and if you need to buy some cattle for the grass or sell something in a couple of weeks please give me a call personally.


Jim Warren






Just a Reminder


When you bring your cattle in for consignment please have the complete vaccination record written down.  By a complete record we mean, when the vaccinations were administered and what was administered. Buyers will need this information to access special marketing programs. Please write it down!






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