The Market Report

July 20, 2021


Every week I try to pick an issue that’s important to most of our readers because our chance to have our voice heard is very small.  I try to keep it apolitical, but this can be difficult at times, but please know that is my objective.


This week it’s about a horse named Wheat. He had a great look but had been messed up in many ways. It all started when he got delivered to our yard. He was hauled in a separate compartment in the same trailer as a cow with very pointed and sharp horns. Well, as luck would have it, the center divider broke, and the cow got in with the horse. She proceeded to stab him all over and he was sore, scared and a mess when he got out. I could have turned the horse down, but we decided he would need a lot of care, so we kept him, and it took almost a year to get him totally healed up. Then came some other issues.  When he was about to jump out of the sorting alley and he got close to cattle, he would throw his head constantly while he was moving and didn’t know how to walk quietly. You couldn’t swing a rope on him and just getting on him was a challenge. Then last fall when I went to rope a calf, he bucked me off and broke some ribs and really made me sore. Time would mend all wounds for Wheat and for me as well. Now he’s great to sort on, walks out easily, doesn’t bob his head and he’s easy to get on. He is a changed horse and last night when I roped on him, he stopped and had a great overall feel to him.  Both rider and horse were satisfied. None of this came easily but he is a horse with lots of talent, smart, and very athletic. He has a real value, but it just took some time and lots of work.

I’m telling this story because Wheat makes me think of this country. Things might not be just as we want them with high priced fuel, open borders, higher taxes in the future, and government officials that have been in office so long they wouldn’t know what to do if they were forced to get a traditional job. I often wonder what the previous owners would think if they could see Wheat in action today. I think down the road a lot of issues that seem to be off the wall today will get corrected in time, if we’re patient and work within the system for positive change. Some of the challenges this country is facing today are being run through the system so fast it scares even me. It would be like whipping Wheat on every calf I ran in the last six months and then asking him at some point to think about stopping.  It has taken six months to get Wheat to run up on a calf then slow down and stop when you rope. Last night he finally did just that and I could hardly sleep I was so excited. We all here think if we take the same approach to this country, go slow, think things out, make a long-range plan and don’t take a short cut by whipping this country through one set of changes after another.  This will produce the result we all want to see.

Now about cattle it was another great sale. The bred cows topped out at $1775 and most brought $1600 up. The cows and bulls were a little higher again with young cows selling from $80.00 to $85.50. The top butcher cows were up around $80 also. However, most traded from $65-$74. Not enough pen lots of calves to get a true test but we had some fancy calves to sell, below are a few pen lots that sold.


Jim Warren



Here are some representative sales from this week’s auction:


5 Blk 584# steers @ $131.00

8 Blk 665# steers @ $131.00

11 Blk 679# steers @ $131.50

11 Blk, B Br 714# steers @ $130.00

15 Blk, B Br 727# steers @ $130.25


4 Blk 426# heifers @ $124.00

7 Blk 442# heifers @ $107.00

8 Blk 491# heifers @ $136.50

12 Blk 558# heifers @ $132.00

11 Blk 635# heifers @ $113.00




Monday, July 26, 2021


8 Sows and 2 Boars Hampshire-Yorkshire crosses


Monday, July 26, 2021


80 plus head of Hawaiian Black/Charolais cattle

2 rounds of shots and weaned


Monday, August 2, 2021


Special Feeder Sale