The Market Report

November 12, 2019

No rain in the forecast and cattle selling into a very thin trade made things lower this week, in all classes.  We called cows and bulls $2.00 lower and the feeders were mixed but we called them $5.00 lower.

There is a lawsuit filed by several end users against certain Packers for price fixing.  If they have been doing it to end users, then it would be logical to assume they are doing it to the feeders as well and might be the very reason they have been making $500/head on everything they kill.  This is just food for thought, though five packers kill 85% of all the fat cattle processed in the United States. There must be a major overhaul in the way fat cattle are priced or the feeder is in big trouble.

We still have a few TopLine Leachman bulls left after the Bull Sale.  Some were sifted for minor injuries and a few were no sales.  They are priced at $2500-5000 it’s a great opportunity if you need an extra bull

Right after the bull sale a customer was talking about the effort we put into that sale and how clean things were around here.  My response was simple, “It’s always this clean because we have the best people that work here.”  They care about your cattle and the 101 Livestock Market and it shows.  Then he said he had been here several times on weekends with a few cattle and someone always met him.  I tried to explain how we try to provide service seven days a week and even when trucks occasionally stop because they have problems, we’re here to help them.  It’s like living in the Old West here at the 101 Livestock Market.  We feed our crew lunch and anyone that’s here, from trailer customers to truckers. Then he said he had never been any other place where the owners worked like we do here.  My explanation was simple, we like what we do. If you’re involved daily and something should happen to go wrong, your right on top of it.  We want customers to know their cattle are getting the very best in care. It was nice to know this person had a real interest in our market and appreciated all we do.


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