Market Report






The Market Report

October 20, 2020



Here goes my political side.  NO ON PROPOSITION 15 IS A MUST. Many Californians bought land years ago to farm or put a small business on. If Prop 15 passes the current administration will tax us all out of business and there will be yet another big exit from this State. At today’s land prices we could never pay just the taxes with our income let alone all our overhead. How would you like to have a small family farm corporation next to Salinas or anywhere else in this State, where the land values have ski rocketed? First, the taxes would force some of the very best farmland to be sold to developers. Whoever wrote Prop 15 never took into consideration who produces their food and how it would affect all small family businesses in this State. The trickledown effect would be monumental.  It sounds legitimate, tax big corporations and give the money to the schools, but there are more family farms that are designated small corporations than there are big corporations. We must have a no vote on Prop 15, or we are all out of business.

Now about the market. There has been a lower undertone for about a week. Yesterday, the futures dropped nearly to the limit in one day. We are fortunate to have customers that support this market weekly. They stepped up to the plate today and we can all thank them.

I want to thank everyone that came and bought Topline Leachman bulls here two weeks ago and at Jon’s in Dinuba last Saturday. I was talking to a buyer of feeder cattle at our sale and he said all bull sales have their own set of numbers for the bulls they sell.  This is true but, Topline Leachman has 20 years of testing behind the bulls they sell. They also expand their testing every year in an attempt to raise better bulls that first of all eat less, gain more, and produce the carcass that every feeder wants and packers are willing purchase.

It takes teamwork to make a successful sale.  Great job to the office staff, to our crew outside, and the tireless team in the kitchen.  We are grateful.


Jim Warren





Representative Sales from this week’s Auction

18 Blk, B Br steers avg 473# @ $136.00

19 Blk, B Br steers avg 480# @ $139.00

10 Blk, B Br steers avg 530# @ $128.00

19 Blk, B Br steers avg 587# @ $127.00

34 Blk, B Br steers avg 591# @ $127.50

21 Blk, B Br steers avg 681# @ $124.00

7 Blk heifers avg 431# @ $125.00

24 Blk, B Br heifers avg 475# @ $124.50

29 Blk, B Br heifers avg 577# @ $118.00

12 Blk, B Br heifers avg 666# @ $116.00

16 Blk heifers avg 718# @ $112.00

Upcoming Schedule Change 


Beginning Monday November 2, 2020, we will be selling both cattle and small animals on the same day again.  As our numbers decrease during the fall/winter months it makes sense to combine both sales on the same day which will now be held on Mondays.  Small animals will begin at 9:30 am and the cattle will follow at noon.