The Market Report
February 25, 2020

I want to start this report talking about traveling to 101 Livestock Market from the South.
Three years ago we built a new road from the yard south through our property to Cole Road. It
has always been there, but we improved it and made it an all-weather road. It made access to
the sale so much easier and safer. Here are the directions.

From the South get off at the Red Barn on San Juan Road. At the stop turn left go over the
freeway to the first road going right. That is Cole Road, turn right and go to the first unpaved
road on your right it’s about 1/4 of a mile. It’s a pipe entry way with an electric gate. The
combination is 1011#. The first little hill is a bit steep, so we all use 4-wheel drive especially
with a load. It’s a safe way to get to the market and most people like that access a lot better
than turning in the gum trees. If you have any questions, please call me personally 831-320-

Now about the market this week. Cows and bulls were steady to $1.00 higher. The very top
cows brought $68-69.00 with the bulk of good cows $63-$65.00. The cutter cows were also
steady trading from $58-$62.00. Bulls had a top of $80.00 but we haven’t had any high yielding
bulls yet. They will get a lot harder in the next few weeks as the feed matures.

Calves and feeders have started to feel the pressure of dry conditions and short feed. However,
there is one constant that has been in the market all spring, that plain cattle are hard to sell.
Keep that in mind when you’re buying bulls this fall.

There has been a lot of downward pressure from the futures on both feeders and fats all week.
We’re not sure just why but the Corona Virus in China appears to have quite a bit of influence
on all the markets, not just cattle but the grain and stock markets have been lowered as well.
So where will that leave us as we move into late spring and our summer markets? It might be
anyone’s guess, but there are two things that might change things quickly. First is exports, they
have been flat for at least six weeks. If that picture were to change then we could easily bounce
off these bottoms and both cattle and the grains could move up as we get closes to summer.

Secondly, I think we should talk feed. It’s short, it’s dry, after a great start. However, a rain this
week could change the feed picture in most of the state. The feed might be short but it’s good
feed and the cattle are packing it on right now. We are all praying for rain this week.

Now we all get so busy trying to do business sometimes we forget to count our blessings. We
have had this business for 45 years this July 1st. In those 45 years we have had the opportunity
to help thousands of people. Some with cattle or small animals of course but many that just
need advice, financial help, or just a place to come each week and share the time. We have
been blessed to raise our families here and we now enjoy having these young adults as
partners. As a matter of fact, they now run this place and Monty and I just help them when they
need it. We started with $500 in the bank and I took $100 of that to enter the Salinas California
Rodeo Calf Roping. It was a good investment because I think the win was worth $2650 and we
ran this yard for six months on that money. So, it’s easy to see getting a start with so little
makes us think of others and doing what we can to help them along the way. We never want to
lose our respect or commitment to every person inside or outside this business.

Now have a great week and we’ll be right here next week…. Just after the rain.

Jim Warren



COWS                                                                    LOW                                                             HIGH
Breakers                                                                  63                                                                  69
Boning Utility                                                          58                                                                  62
Cutters                                                                    51                                                                  57
BULLS                                                                    LOW                                                             HIGH
High Yield                                                               75                                                                  80+
Others                                                                     71                                                                 75