The Market Report

January 19, 2021


The sale was very light and the market was about the same. The cattle futures have rebounded some so it was a little easier to sell this week. The cows and bulls were steady but we expect them to jump up in the coming weeks.

We want to talk about the next two sales for sure. We will be selling several goosenecks of calves in both of these sales. We also have about 40 pairs consigned to next week’s sale and a complete herd dispersal in two weeks. It will consist of 170 pairs all calves sired by Topline Leachman bulls raised in Paso Robles in foothill Anaplasmosis country. All the cows will be paired here and mouthed for age.

These next two sales are just a representation of just how dry it is here on the coast. If we get the rain predicted for this weekend it will be a rancher’s dream come true.

We met with the Santa Barbara Cattlemen’s board of directors last week and explained why the selling of phantom cattle on the commodities board is driving our markets for fat cattle down. It was an exciting meeting and they are going to help us get the story out to other local associations. We were also able to talk about vaccinations and the those that work. It was an effort to show how they add value to the work producers put in raising their cattle.  We also had the opportunity to discuss the new buyer we have for NHTC cattle. Last year we sold fourteen loads of cattle to them and they will be on the market every week in 2021. The premiums are from $10-$20/cwt on calves sired by Angus bulls, double vaccinated with Multi Min and wormed.  If you wean your calves for 45 days you can expect another premium of $10/cwt on top of the already great price.  It’s a 21-year effort that has finally started to pay off on a consistent basis. We will also be getting data back on the big bunches when they process them and we will relay any information on to you as we get it.

We’ll pray for rain and I’ll see you next week.


Jim Warren








Special Sales


Monday, January 25, 2021


40 pairs most sired by Topline Leachman bulls and the calves are sired by these bulls as well.  They will be a pretty fancy set of pairs that have been running with the bulls since November.



Monday, February 1, 2021


170 pairs from Paso Robles area sired by Topline Leachman bulls.