The Market Report

April 6, 2021


I have had a lot of people write and come up to me and share how much they like my thoughts included in this report. I will admit it is a very small group of people that read this report when you consider the 350,000,000 people in this country.  I discuss these issues in an effort to show solutions for political problems in a common-sense light.


For 10 years I have felt like I had an answer to the guest worker problem in this country. Today more than ever, it is important to install something like this as soon as possible. It protects guest workers in this country, their human rights issues, allows them to work legally in this country, travel back home and return freely. It looks something like this. All guest workers would be required to go to Immigration and trade all their illegal documents for legal ones. They would obtain legal social security numbers and have all the funds that were paid into possible illegal accounts transferred to the new legal account numbers. They would get no social security benefits unless they became citizens. However, it they were actually going to retire and go back to their country of origin they could take 75% of the funds paid into their account when they leave, 25% of the money would be retained by Social Security for managing the money and the account. This would be a one-time withdrawal and once it was taken no matter how much money was paid in it could not be taken again. They would be issued a new EID card with a specific number, a thumb print, picture, and country of origin. This EID number would be required on all official documents including driver’s licenses. The guest workers would be required to have insurance policies on health and automobiles when their cards were issued.  They would be required to pay a minimum of 90 days on these policies. When they got a job, the funds could be deducted from their check or if they didn’t have a full-time job they would be required to go to Immigration and pay another 90 days to keep the card active. Without this card it would be illegal to work in this country. One critical part of this idea is after 90 days the only way you could get the EID card renewed was at an Immigration office on the border. You might cross illegally but you couldn’t work after the 90 days. Anyone caught trying to get a job without the EID card would be considered a potential terrorist because there would be a protocol to become legal and they choose to not go through a security or health check to get the legitimate EID card. There are other issues this idea addresses and there will be other ideas to add, that will make the idea even better. Today it’s critical to get it going so the guest workers that have entered this country illegally become legal and have no voting rights unless they become citizens. This is just a common-sense solution to a complicated problem, which is a lot better than the existing policy.

Now about the market. The numbers are still very small with fourteen head being the largest pen lot of cattle sold. Cows are starting to come in larger numbers and that market will have increases in prices as we move into those numbers. However, 400# steers $160 up the heifers $140, the 500# steers $150 up and the heifers $137 up.  There were a few 600# steers at $140 and up. The heifers were $130 and up. Non vaccinated cattle were definitely harder to sell. It’s going be more important than ever to get two rounds of shots into these cattle this year and NHTC approved cattle will set the standard for prices from now on.

There will be two big sales one on April 26th is a special and May 10th however we think we will also be having a big sale on May 3rd. It’s dry and the cattle are coming to town.




Jim Warren





Dates to Remember


Small animal sales have been moved to 12:00 pm on Tuesdays


All cattle sales will continue to be held on Mondays


10:00 am start





Special Sales Dates



Monday, April 26 at 10AM



Monday, May 3 at 10AM



Monday, May 10 at 10AM