The Market Report

December 11, 2019


This week we are selling two of the pickups we have been using here at the 101 Livestock Market. The trucks have been well maintained at My Chevrolet and My Dodge. They are current on their service and are ready to go.

We are selling the One Ton Dodge Jeannie has been using.  It has a flat bed, goose-neck hitch, automatic and 4-wheel drive. It has less than 150,000 miles. It has a diesel engine and runs great. The price is $27,500 and that beats $60,000 plus on a new truck. It will be a great truck for someone.  Jeannie takes great care of it, and you can ask her about the truck anytime.

The second truck has been driven by Bobby Donati and has 270,000 miles on it, 4-wheel drive, automatic, goose-neck hitch, automatic running boards, diesel engine, and has been well maintained and is ready to go. The price is $11,000 for this truck has a lot of life left and would go to New York in the morning or make the best ranch truck. It never uses any oil so someone will get a lot of truck for $11,000.

We have one more sale to go before Christmas then we’re off for three weeks. We will be back on January 14, 2020.

Now I will talk a little about the market. The futures have climbed steadily, and April fat cattle are at $126.60 on the board. We continue to predict those cattle to trade at $130 the closer we get to April. We also continue to predict they will be higher than that, but I don’t want someone with a white straight jacket to show up and pack me off, especially right before Christmas.

I’ve talked bulls till I’m blue in the face, but I think it’s sure worth one more shot. This year most have already bought their bulls. However, thinking about next year is the key. Everyone I know wants to know how their calves perform and grade once they get to the feed lots. Due to the technology we have today those answers can be determined before you turn your bulls out. That’s right! The best example I can give is eight years ago Cole & Ty started with a set of put together cows out of the Livestock Market. They had various bulls on the cows, but all additions came from Topline – Leachman. For the last four years the cows have had 100% Topline – Leachman bulls. Last year the calf crop got sold here and purchased by some feeders that feed all-natural cattle. Last spring when the calves were processed, they graded 47% prime the balance 53% graded choices. Buying $ PROFIT bulls really pays.  So, here’s some food for thought. This spring when you pull your bulls just cut them deeper than normal. It will save you feeding them all summer and fall. The prices this spring are going to be great so having the money in the bank and waiting for better bulls is worth it.

In the past some wanted to inject some hybrid vigor by selecting terminal cross bulls. You can’t keep the heifers out of these bulls and you still don’t know where you’re going other than your calves will usually be bigger. When you use Stabilizer bulls you get maternal, size, carcass, and feed efficient bulls all in one. The kicker is you can keep replacements out of these bulls. We do have several customers right now that plan to sell all their bulls in the spring and buy high $ PROFIT bulls next fall. That is a great plan, especially when the bulls cost the same and or less than all other bull sales. If you have questions, please call me. This $ PROFIT idea is relatively new, and I can help you get your arms around the facts and show you how these bulls can add to your bottom line.

Over the Holidays we will be visiting feed lots that feed and want the calves sired by these bulls. We will be keeping you up to speed on these conversations after the first of the year. However, if you have cows and want to buy bulls, don’t hesitate to call me personally.  We are a good resource for your cattle needs.


Thank you,

Jim Warren (831) 320-3698




There will be no sale on the following dates:

Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Tuesday, January 7, 2020



We wish everyone a Happy Holiday Season.