The Market Report

June 15, 2021


Every week I’m looking for a national topic that can have value in this report. However, to stay away from politics, it has become more difficult every week. When President Trump was in office the left news was loaded with personal attacks but very little critical news on his policies. It was hard to deny a secure border, or his efforts in the Middle East, his economic policies, and lastly build it at home and build it better. It wasn’t a perfect plan in a lot of ways, but the move was always forward. When you do something out of the political structure based on sound business decisions, things couldn’t help but get better in many ways. When politics dictates you build highways to nowhere just so people in many districts have jobs, while at the same time, the highways we travel every day, that really need improvement are not addressed. So, politics and economic decisions will always be at odds. It’s why we need term limits. Get the old politicians out get new blood in that is in line with good judgment calls not political calls.  Calls that represent the good of the whole country. There is another flaw in the system that needs fixing and that is when the Supreme Court ruled state legislatures needed to have both houses of the government based on population. It has taken the checks and balance of state government away. For example, in California the people in Susanville have lost all power of representation in the government because the population is in the South and Bay areas, so they control the state government and the issues that plague the smaller counties never get addressed. It hasn’t been a problem in states like Texas and Florida yet, but you can see it coming. People there say coming here is great but leave your politics behind, or better yet don’t vote and ruin our state like you did yours. If my thoughts seem political or polarizing, they aren’t intended to be that way.  They are just common-sense thoughts you might entertain or not.

Now let’s talk cattle and the market. Bulls and cows were a lot higher with feeder cows topping out at $67. Bulls in the upper $90s, the good thick cows traded in middle to upper $60s.  It was a lot of fun selling cows again. It makes me think the cows are drying up and before the mountain states start their run cows could move higher.

We have found the real value in cattle sales is in program cattle. This week program cattle were as much as $20/cwt over commercial cattle.

The value in two rounds of shots is also a lot more relevant. However, some have still missed the message on what to give. Let’s start with the upper respiratory 4-way vaccine. Vista Once is the product of choice because it has the best Pasteurella already in it. It’s better than anything on the market right now and you get protection from all the major viruses that plague cattle just like COVID did us. The 7 or 8-way gets all the inoculations like Black leg, the Clostridia’s, and a few other. You only need to give it once but because it’s so cheap and if someone messed up on the first round then give it again and be sure your cattle are protected. Now keep in mind here on the Central Coast we are mineral deficient in several minerals and no matter how good the vaccine is, if your cattle are mineral deficient then the vaccines will not work as well. So, we would like everyone to give Multi Min with the first round of shots. The vaccinations are critical to keeping your cattle alive for the new owners and they know it. Consequently, the vaccinated cattle bring more money, something to keep in mind.

Have a great week and stay out of the heat.

Jim Warren



Representative sales from 6/14/2021 auction.


16 Blk, B Br steers avg 518# @ $146.00

73 Blk, B Br steers avg 602# @ $158.00***

19 Blk steers avg 623# @ $140.50

33 Blk, B Br steers avg 675# @ $136.00

14 Blk, B Br steers avg 676# @ $125.00


10 Blk heifers avg 478# @ $130.00

22 Blk, Red heifers avg 530# @ $131.00

22 Blk, B Br heifers avg 550# @ $128.00

12 Blk, Char heifers avg 573# @ $130.00

85 Blk, BWF, B Br heifers avg 573# @ $142.50***

18 Blk, B Br heifers avg 616# @ $127.00


***Denotes NHTC approved cattle



 Steers              Avg/cwt                High/cwt

500-599#          146.00                   153.00

600-699#          144.33                   158.00

700-799#          107.26                   110.00


400-499#           128.25                  130.00

500-599#           134.40                  142.50

600-699#           122.00                  127.00



Special Sales Dates     


Monday, June 21 at 10AM



No cattle sale on Monday July 5th

No small animal sale on Tuesday July 6th