The Market Report

September 14, 2021


I think it would be a great idea if every person that owns cattle would go to the local Livestock Market at least one day a year to see just what goes on outside, then end up inside the office and just see what happens after the sale. There are so many moving parts from feed and water to the sort of the cattle and just where they get stacked so they get to the ring at the right time. The facility must be set up for efficiency because that alone dictates the humane transportation of the livestock through the facility. Then it’s the buyers. Most buy for others and don’t pay at the end of the sale, so we’re left hanging for the money while the seller walks out with his check. Even if we mail the checks, by law they must go in the mail the day after the sale. So, we must have enough money in the bank to pay for all the cattle sold and hope the buyers pay us sooner rather than later. In this situation it’s the bank that is the life saver of most markets. They loan us enough money to make it all work. We have a round tub delivery system that is fast efficient and the most humane I’ve ever seen in a Livestock Market.  It has been copied by two other new markets being built in the last few years. It has an approach system of angles, turns, and hydraulic gates that open away from cattle this makes it unique in the livestock marketing business. Last year we replaced three gates after thirty years of use and the materials alone cost $1000/gate and we built them ourselves. Everything we buy today, and our overhead alone will tell you how much we appreciate your business and how important it is to us.

Now about the market.  It was a great sale.  Bred cows up to $1125/hd. Feeder cows were higher and heiferettes up to $112/lb. The feeder cattle were under some pressure because the futures were lower this week. However, even in the face of higher priced corn the futures rallied yesterday to take back part of the money they lost last week. Butcher cows and bulls also rallied as most packers are back in full operation.


Jim Warren





Representative Sales from 9/13/21 Auction


6 Blk steers avg 378# @ $161.00

5 Blk, Char steers avg 388# @ $152.00

30 Blk, B Br steer avg 540# @ $145.00

4 Blk steers avg 625# @ $143.50

24 Blk steers avg 630# @ $135.50

3 Blk, Red steers avg 633# @ $136.00

5 Blk, Char steers avg 709# @ $120.00

5 Char X steers avg 906# @ $109.00


6 Blk heifers avg 408# @ $133.50

8 Blk heifers avg 562# @ $139.50










Saturday October 2, 2021

Lunch at 11:30

Sale at 1:00