2010 Winner of the National Cattlemen's Beef Association "Beef Quality Assurance Award"

NCBA-Logo-FacebookBQAAward-largeThis is one of the most important national awards presented each year to “1” Beef Producer from the entire United States.

We at 101 Livestock consider it an honor to have been chosen from 30,000 N.C.B.A. members that represent 750,000 Beef Producers. Taking the lead in Quality, Age & Source, and Electronic Identification has set the standard at 101 Livestock for others to follow. Besides being the right thing to do for the industry the combined efforts of our customers and 101 have had an important economic impact on this business also.

Some of the most lucrative markets for our cattle have been able to access these markets in the past. However, last year should be considered a breakout for accessing these new and more lucrative markets.

The cooperation between our customers and the market over the past few years has set the stage for entry into these new markets weekly. This weekly offering is something that set us apart from all other forms of marketing. Today, the export market is the driving force behind these new prices and is expected to continue into the foreseeable future. Positioning this market to take advantage of these new prices is going to pay big dividends to all of our customers now and in the future.

JimWarrenhighres-largeAgain, we want to thank our customers and crew at 101 for not only making this award possible but positioning our market to take advantage of these new international markets weekly. We were, and continue to be , humbled by this award and promise our customers to be on the leading edge of the future in this business.

Our ability to prepare for the future using new technology, world markets and beef quality will set 101 Livestock Market apart from all other marketing opportunities.